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sometimes before it gets better
the darkness gets bigger

i will sing to you every day
if it will take away the pain

au - MPREG - After six months in the Big Apple and since forgoing the condoms, Blaine realizes he’s knocked up. If only he could have told Kurt differently.

Full Klaine scene from 5.16 including “Love is a Battlefield”

Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x

Could this be the Freshman Fifteen?

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GUYS, DARREN CALLED ME TO TALK ABOUT KLAINE! I was in class and my phone was in my bag and I didn’t see it ring or else you’d better believe I would’ve picked that phone up in an instant! This is the message he left! He’s such a sweet heart. <3


Johnny Depp giving CPR to his jack Sparrow wig.

His stunt double is having the best day


Watch the ultimate X-Men ensemble in this explosive final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer now!